The product is non-crusting, is good in homogeneity and stabilization, is environmentally friendly, has adjustable solid content of calcium stearate and adjustable viscosity of the final system in a certain scope, and has an ideal lubrication effect. Eklingjee invention relates to a kind of preparation method of calcium stearate and Zinc Stearate aqueous liquid dispersion, this aqueous liquid dispersion is mainly as papermaking coating process auxiliary agent, plastic processing lubricant, textile water proof agent and paint flatting agent can also be as flatting agent and waterproofing agent in coating material production because good lubricity is widely used in paper making applying lubricating agent and polychloroethylene heat stabilizer field. Be accompanied by developing rapidly of plastics, coating, paper machine petroleum chemical industry, the demand of calcium stearate increases year by year, and market prospects still are expected.