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Super Pack System

About Product:

This Solution provides ease of doing PVC processing. This system contains the Stabilizer, Internal and External Lubricators, Impact Modifier and all other additives. This treat as all in one Composition which makes a handling, save of time, easy logistic, no wastage of material, no human error, easy inventory management, increase production capacity and save the energy to handle the accounts.

Product Table
EkSUPER AI - 600lab version only including all ingredientsPOWDERagriculture pipes
EkSUPER AI - 610lab version only without TiO2 and carbon blackPOWDERagriculture pipes
EkSUPER AI - 625lab version only including all ingredientsPOWDERSWR/drainage Pipes
EkSUPER AI - 640lab version only without TiO2 and carbon blackPOWDERSWR/drainage Pipes
EkSUPER AI - 655lab version only including all ingredientsPOWDERPlumbing/ASTM Pipes
EkSUPER AI - 660lab version only with better whitenessPOWDERPlumbing/ASTM Pipes
EkSUPER AI - 685lab version only including all ingredientsPOWDERColumn Pipes
EkSUPER AI - 695lab version only with better whitenessPOWDERColumn Pipes