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Why Eklingjee

Believing customers as the Kings, Eklingee believes in the values such as Quality, Commitment, and Dependability.

Eklingjee Polymers Pvt Ltd is one of the reckoned manufacturers and suppliers who are specializing in a wide assortment of Stearates and Chemicals. We provide customer delight by delivering products in a timely fashion that comply with international quality standards together with value-added services, all connected to a worldwide network of technological competence, by using the basics of our values in our business interactions.

We are dedicated to minimizing waste production and minimizing environmental effects during the manufacturing process.

Certified Organization

We are an ISO-certified ROHS & REACH Compliances organization and we have implemented the most scientific methodologies to shape our catalog. To be the most valuable company in PVC Stablizers and various Polymer Additives manufacturing as well as focusing on power of five "People, Products, Customers, Culture and Values".

Easy Customizable Solutions

Keeping the customer’s diverse requirements in mind, we have been constantly catering to a wide variety of chemicals. Over a decade of experience combined with well equipped testing labs and R&D specialists in innovation and sustainability, we have an outstanding track record for combining experience with leading- edge sceince to design and develop solutions to meet specific needs of customers around the world.

End to End Support

Supported by a team of extremely talented professionals, we meet the mass requirements of various industries and have also been successful in delivering quality projects in a timely manner. Through our multicultural teamwork and partnerships, we believe in dynamic growth. We aim to be the world-leading producer and supplier of PVC additives in the world.

Our Philosophy

We work on the philosophy that customer satisfaction is the essence of a long-term vendor–buyer relationship. No efforts are spared to ensure that all necessary technical assistance and customer support are provided to our clients. Our field staff is guided by a highly experienced technical consultant on a 24×7 basis to meet the needs of the end users. We, at Eklingjee, are enthusiastic and passionate to design and develop customized stabilizers for our esteemed customers. 

Our organizational structure is interconnected yet decentralized, and our business philosophy motivates us to function on a multi-regional platform. This gives us the freedom to manage locally while utilizing the depth of knowledge in our offices throughout the world to provide our clients with high-quality solutions. We conduct business in a market-oriented fashion. Additionally, we actively work to foster strong team bonds, the desire for ongoing creativity, and the desire for improvement in each and every one of our employees.

Research & Development

We provide our clients with more than just merchandise. We offer comprehensive solutions to their complex problems. We invest in targeted research and development that will help businesses of all sizes and anticipate our customers demands.
Any business ability to adapt and maintain its products and services competitive in a world economy that is becoming more and more competitive is what determines its success. In order to serve a variety of industries, Eklingjee is continually doing research and development to create new products and solutions as well as to innovate and broaden its current offerings.
Eklingjee combines research and customer insights to create one of the industry’s broadest and most flexible portfolios of Fluorospecialities. Our solutions for the PVC industry and Polymer Industry are derived from extensive research capabilities with analytical development chemists engaged in Process Development. The  R&D Centre, over the few years of its existence, has developed the dexterity required to support and sustain the business with one of the key competencies providing swift responses to customer investigations. Having established credibility with major innovators in India and global markets, Eklingjee’s products are well established in target markets.

Applications as per Industries

We have a firm grip on the present and, a sharp eye on the future. Our priority is to pioneer the products market with best quality & price offerings, together with attainment of highest level of customer satisfaction.

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