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Due to its adaptability, ease of production, dimensional stability, easy fabrication, impervious properties, and cost – effectiveness, plastics also known as polymers, are used to make a broad array of items ranging from beads to spaceships. During the projection period of 2022 to 2032, it is anticipated that rising activities in the infrastructure, automobiles manufacturing, and consumer electronics sectors would promote the plastic market growth. One of the main factors propelling the plastic market opportunities is the huge requirement for high-performance plastic wrapping applications for protection of finished goods. Sales of plastic is surging with its increased use as a replacement for metals, such as aluminum and steel, in the production of composite materials in response to regulations aiming to improve the payload capacity that would increase fuel economy and ultimately conserve energy. The demand for plastic products has risen since engineering polymers are stronger and more lasting than standard ones. As per the global market study on plastic consumption, they are significantly portable and even more affordable while also offering greater physical and thermal qualities.